Johnson Matthey Stationary Emissions Control

Coal Fired Power Plants

Our extruded honeycomb and plate type SCR catalysts are widely used around the world for robust NOx performance. It is preferred by electric generating facilities and is capable of handling a wide variety of clean and dirty fuels as well as varying dust loads. Our SCR catalysts are especially known for high erosion resistance, low SO2 to SO3 conversion rates and high mercury oxidation rates.

Pioneered by Siemens and advanced by Johnson Matthey, SINOx® SCR catalyst technology is capable of reducing NOx with an efficiency of more than 95%. SINOx SCR catalyst design is customized for the chemical and physical conditions of service. If necessary, Johnson Matthey may perform additional studies to find the ideal catalyst for each application.

Since 1987, SINOx catalysts have reduced millions of tons of NOx. Johnson Matthey has a leading position worldwide as a catalyst supplier for power plants with a total order volume of more than one million cubic meters of SINOx catalysts. Depending on plant requirements (new plant, retrofit or space availability), SINOx SCR catalysts have been installed in High-Dust, Low-Dust or Tailend configurations to meet NOx reduction requirements. Our highly durable plate type SCR catalysts are ideally suited for high-dust environments in Waste-To-Energy and Biomass-To-Energy power plants. By changing the pitch of the plates, low pressure drop and very low dust accumulation is achieved. Soot blowers can be installed, if required, to remove dust from the face of the catalyst and maintain maximum catalyst activity.

Honeycomb Catalyst Plate Catalyst