Don’t let sulfur ruin your CO/VOC oxidation catalyst. 


SO2 is a volatile air pollutant and without notice it can disrupt your operation. Ordinary oxidation catalysts will degrade quickly and require constant monitoring to maintain performance.

Don’t let sulfur keep you from meeting your CO/VOC emissions targets. 

SUREOX is a highly active oxidation catalyst formulated with precious metals and a highly SO2 resistant washcoat coated on flow-through metal monoliths for minimum backpressure and compact design. Multiple catalyst formulations allow the flexibility to target specific conversion requirements, exhaust temperatures, SO2 content and NO2 limitations. These advanced emission control catalysts have superior field durability and are designed for maximum lifetime.

See how effective it is – retaining most of the activity in an extremely high sulfur environment for 3 years!

%CO conversion
T = 300 C (572 F)
 @ 0 months @ 17 months @ 36 months

Standard Oxicat

  •         High CO and VOC reduction efficiencies
  •        Sulfur resistant formulations - long lifetime
  •         Low load, low temperature operation
  •     Low SO2 to SO3 conversion
  •     Robust brazed substrate – no foil substrate collapsing or degrading, and no nesting


Johnson Matthey’s Sulfur Resistant Oxidation Catalyst is STANDARD for all gas turbine CO/VOC applications! 

It’s been proven to effectively resist the effects of high levels of sulfur in fuels.  The US natural gas supply is changing, and periodic high levels of sulfur are compromising the performance of combined and simple cycle gas turbine emission control catalysts . 


  •         Tested for 3 years in operating power plants.
  •         Installed on over 30 natural gas power plants.
  •         Just as cost-effective as standard CO oxidation catalysts.
  •         Now standard for all combined cycle power plants.


You never know when or where high sulfur levels could strike.

Standard oxidation catalyst technology, regardless of the amount of precious metal used, can deactivate quickly in the presence of sulfur. SUREOX oxidation catalyst retains its high level of performance over a wide temperature range.  And you don’t have to ask for it….it’s standard.


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