Johnson Matthey SCR systems prevent air pollution from stationary diesel and natural gas engines for cleaner energy and cleaner air.

SCR systems are essential for producing clean energy from internal combustion engines. Johnson Matthey has supplied over 3 GW of stationary SCR systems on engines which range in power from 500 kW to 20 MW. Our turnkey SCR systems are supplied with all of the components necessary for guaranteed performance. When the SINOx® honeycomb SCR catalyst is coupled with an ammonia slip catalyst or oxidation catalyst, the SCR system can achieve high reductions of CO, hydrocarbons and other VOCs to produce very clean energy.

Typical emission and noise reductions achieved by SINOx® SCR system with silencing.

NOx CO HC Noise
80%-95% 70%-98% 70%-95% 25-35 db(A)