Johnson Matthey's Halocat SC29 advanced base-metal oxidation catalyst controls air pollution from PTA manufacturing plants at a much lower cost than precious metal catalysts.

Purified Terepthalic Acid (PTA) manufacturing plants emit CO and a variety of hazardous VOCs, including methyl bromide, methyl acetate, benzene, acetic acid and methanol. These plants require catalytic emission control to meet clean air emissions standards. Until recently, utilization of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) oxidation catalysts was the only way to control air pollution from these plants. Then Johnson Matthey developed Halocat SC29, an advanced, base-metal oxidation catalyst as a way to reduce cost while maintaining performance and durability. Halocat SC29 was first installed in PTA plants in 2009 and it continues to meet customer performance requirements. To date, Halocat SC29 is installed in more than a dozen plants worldwide.

Halocat SC29 base-metal oxidation catalyst is a technological breakthrough for the PTA industry.  Plants can now replace their existing PGM oxidation catalyst with a base-metal oxidation catalyst and credit from the PGM refining can finance a large fraction of the new Halocat SC29 catalyst. Controlling air pollution from PTA plants is much more economical with Halocat SC29.

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Comparison of PGM and base-metal PTA oxidation catalysts:

  Standard PTA oxidation catalyst Halocat SC29 oxidation catalyst
VOC reduction efficiency High High
Durability High High
Cost High Low
PGM reclaim Reclaim required Reclaim not necessary
Catalytic material Precious metals Base-metals


Technical Support

Johnson Matthey provides full technical support to our PTA customers over the lifetime of the catalyst to ensure optimum performance and compliance with all clean air regulations. Services include laboratory evaluation of catalytic activity and analyses to investigate potential causes of deactivation such as catalyst poisoning and sintering. With decades of experience supplying oxidation catalyst to control air pollution from PTA plants throughout the world, we provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers. Johnson Matthey remains dedicated to our customers, to cleaner industry and to cleaner air.

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Jeremy Harris (US)

Jeremy Harris (US)