[Translate to DE:] Johnson Matthey has been a world leader in oxidation catalyst and catalytic converter technology since the Environmental Protection Agency implemented clean air legislation.

Oxidation catalysts were the first catalysts to be utilized for air pollution control. These emission control catalysts oxidize CO and gas-phase organic compounds with oxygen in the air to form CO2 and water. Today, catalytic emission control technology is used to prevent air pollution from almost all industrial and combustion processes. Johnson Matthey’s expertise in both catalysis and precious metals enabled us to rapidly commercialize catalytic air pollution solutions in response to the very first clean air legislation implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  And as regulations become more  challenging, Johnson Matthey remains dedicated to cleaner industry, cleaner energy and cleaner air.

Catalytic Converters
Johnson Matthey ModulexTM and DualOx®catalytic converters are engineered to provide the highest levels of efficiency coupled with easy maintenance. They are designed to accommodate all of the oxidation catalyst elements in the Johnson Matthey emission control catalyst portfolio.

  • Carbon or stainless steel construction
  • CFD modeling to ensure uniform flow distribution
  • Easy catalyst access for maintenance or replacement
  • Inlet and outlet sampling ports for measuring temperature and pressure
  • Silencing option available

Johnson Matthey’s catalytic air pollution solutions enable our customers to remain compliant with clean air standards mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as clean air standards in Europe and around the world.

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