Inspection of your emission control system and sampling of your emission control catalyst can ensure that your site is always compliant with all clean air regulations.

Regular system inspection or catalyst sampling can help to maintain proper operation and ensure optimum performance of your emission control system. Monitoring the system over time can allow us to estimate the service lifetime of the catalyst and to evaluate the need for catalyst replacement. Johnson Matthey has specialists available to inspect SCR systems and to remove SCR catalyst samples at regular intervals for evaluation. We have an SCR Catalyst Management Program specially designed for coal plants. And provide technical support to our end-users of oxidation catalysts and three-way catalysts so they can properly maintain and sample their catalysts when necessary for long-term operation.

SCR honeycomb catalyst and SCR plate catalyst sampling

Johnson Matthey's honeycomb SCR catalyst modules are specially designed for easy removal and exchange of single catalyst elements without affecting the integrity of the catalysts remaining in the module. Samples of plate SCR catalyst can easily be removed from a catalyst element frame by using a specialized tool. Evaluation of catalysts in Johnson Matthey's lab-scale test reactors often includes testing of samples from multiple catalyst layers for accurate representation of the catalyst bed overall.

SCR Catalyst Management Program for coal plants

Catalyst management services are available to operators of coal-fired power plants. Services include:

  • Field inspections and catalyst sampling for product surveillance
  • Development of plant-specific catalyst management plan to predict future catalyst needs
  • Recommendations for cleaning, regeneration or recycling of existing catalyst
  • Development of plant-specific catalyst maintenance plans

Oxidation catalyst and three-way catalyst maintenance and sampling

Johnson Matthey oxidation catalysts and three-way catalysts are robust for long-term performance.  However, any catalyst can be exposed to contaminants or excessive temperatures which can decrease the performance of the emission control system. Johnson Matthey provides technical support to our end-users which includes troubleshooting of the emission control system and catalyst washing procedures that can restore catalyst activity. We also provide instruction and necessary tools to remove samples of catalyst for activity testing or analytical evaluation when necessary.