Johnson Matthey has experts available for the installation and commissioning of our DeNOx SCR catalyst systems to achieve long-term and trouble-free air pollution control.

Proper installation of the SCR catalyst and commissioning of the SCR system are critical to achieving high NOx reduction from start-up to shut-down. Johnson Matthey has experts available to install or to supervise the installation of our SCR systems, including the SCR catalyst, and to commission the SCR system to ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.

The lightweight construction and easy handling of our catalyst elements and modules facilitates installation of our SCR catalysts, especially for installations that are challenging because of system configuration, remote location or confined space. The DeNOx SCR catalyst elements are installed in the SCR system housing and are sealed together to eliminate bypassing and maximize NOx reduction. Johnson Matthey specialists can  supervise the installation of the SCR catalyst.

Johnson Matthey engineers are available to commission the SCR system to ensure optimum performance from start-up. Our software monitors catalyst temperature, urea/ammonia flow rate, pressure across the catalyst and operating hours of the SCR system. We can also provide software to engine operators to enable them to remotely monitor SCR operation or system shut-downs to ensure they are always compliant with all clean air regulations.

SCR System Commissioning

  • Visual inspection of catalyst installation
  • Verification of piping, wiring
  • Confirmation of factory settings of computerized system components
  • Mapping of urea/ammonia dose rate to engine load
  • Emissions measurements to validation mapping
  • Operator training