DPFi™ electrically regenerated diesel particulate filter for a cleaner and healthier mining environment

DPFi advantages:

  • Regeneration independent of exhaust gas temperature
  • Particle number filtration efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Electronic filter monitoring for maximum reliability
  • Service-friendly modular design with quick-release fasteners
  • Flexible mounting: horizontal or vertical
  • For engines in power range of 1 kW to 250 kW
  • Replaces OEM muffler
  • Available with on-board or off-board control system

How it works:

The filter and heating element are integrated in the vehicle’s exhaust system. The monitor alerts the operator when regeneration is required, and when the engine is shut off the electronic control system activates the heating element to regenerate the filter. Regeneration typically takes 30 to 90 minutes and can be safely performed overnight. The electronic control system can be mounted directly on the vehicle (on-board) or wall-mounted (off-board).    



DPFi System